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It's a pre-order campaign. You can pre-order and pick up at

Gen Con'24 booth:2957



Dive into PILI’s world! Click on our bio to get the link to the rulebook.
(The cloud file is large, please wait a moment to open.)

🌟The rulebook:

 "PILI: The New Challengers," a strategic masterpiece that's taken the gaming world by storm!Dive into a world of strategy, cunning, and endless possibilities. 

Whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie to tabletop gaming, "PILI" guarantees hours of excitement for all.

🔥 What sets "PILI" apart:
🔹 Deep Strategy: Craft your unique gameplay approach with an array of characters and abilities.
🔹 Mind-Blowing Combos: Chain powerful moves to outsmart your opponents and seize victory.
🔹 Stunning Artwork: Immerse yourself in a visually stunning universe inspired by martial arts legends.
🔹 Endless Replays: Every game is a new challenge, offering fresh experiences every time you play.

🤝 Gather your friends or challenge new rivals as you rise through the ranks. With "PILI," the fun never ends!


PILI: the new challengers

pick up at GEN CON'24 Booth:2957
  • Pre-order now and receive a PILI Puppetry-themed storage bag for free.

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