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12 rivers

a wonderland legend

It is said that in the parallel universe, there is a different world where human beings and nature can co-exist peacefully. 

Human beings are divided into 4 tribes, earth, wood, water, and fire, living with animals in a village. They not only live in self-sufficient lives but also take care of each other. Warriors from each tribe will climb the mountain along the river to collect resources to get well prepared for the following year.

In this wonderland, animals have human’s wisdom while human beings keep their nature of contentment. 

The God of Nature provides abundant resources year after year, and the grace from nature spreads to the ground through the running rivers.

People view the resources in the river as “Nature’s Bounty”. Healing pearls have the power of healing, magic pearls have divine power, and growing pearls can make wildlife and aquatic life grow healthily. People move along the river with alpacas to collect enough resources. Go back to the village with satisfied resources to start a prosperous year.


On the way to collect resources, warriors do not fight with each other. Instead, they collect resources and satisfy villager’s needs by observing mountain topography and choosing the best routes to the mountain based on their accumulated experiences for years.